Mariana Soto
Education Intern

Mariana Soto is an international student from San Jose, Costa Rica currently pursuing a double major in International Relations and Economics, as well as a minor in Philosophy at Suffolk University in Boston. She has been involved with Model UN simulations since her freshman year of high school, and joined her Suffolk Model UN (SUMUN) team her sophomore year of college, serving as Executive board member for two consecutive years. Mariana also worked as an intern at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Costa Rica in the summer of 2017, helping to provide research for ministry representatives, conducting administrative work, and assisting during bilateral meetings. Through the SUMUN team, Mariana has collaborated closely with the UNAGB organization, working as Under-Secretary-General of the first ever Global Leadership UNAGB Conference in 2016, attending the UN Day Luncheon that same year, chairing the latest Global Leadership Conference, and various other events. She greatly enjoys conducting research on important global issues, working with students, keeping an eye on financial news, and reading and writing on her free time. Mariana seeks to create positive change in her local and global community, inspiring others, and aspires to continue to do that in the future.