A Youthful Week: Week of 7/25 News Roundup

A lot of focus was on the global leaders of our future throughout this week as the week started with the UN high-level meeting dedicated to the development of youth. The theme of the meeting was “Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”, just in time as the International Year of Youth is coming to an end […]

Around the World by Book

Summer is in full swing, with the long hot days, outdoor excursions, and the potential of relaxation beyond the weekends.   During the summer months, people often ask for reading recommendations for their vacation time whether it be on the beach, in the woods, or on the road.  We thought it would be fun to […]

A Necessary Priority

Check out this week’s blog post from our Get Educated, One Topic At A Time blog series. This week, learn about the importance of women in the world of politics and pursuing political careers. Check out our last four blog posts from the series, as well: “Creating A Road To Democracy”, “A Historical Moment For […]

Global Obstacles: Week of 7/18 News Roundup

For those of you in the area, hope you’re staying cool indoors or out in the incredible heat today. If you’re indoors, sitting by your computer, this is the perfect opportunity for to you learn about the news this week. To start, the climate in itself was an important issue. The effects of extreme climate around the […]

Ambassadors for a Week: Not Your Average Summer Camp

This past week, UNA-GB broke new ground by hosting our first ever Model UN Summer Institute!  We had nearly 40 youth forgo traditional camp activities like archery, swimming and horse-back riding to participate in a brand new week long camp, working towards becoming the next generation of global advocates, while also experiencing life on a […]

An Undefined Grasp Of Failure

Check out our newest blog post from our Get Educated, One Topic At A Time blog series! This week, get educated about the meaning behind a failed state and its connection with recent news. Also, check out our last three posts in the series: “Creating A Road To Democracy”, “A Historical Moment For Genocide” and […]

A World of Changes: Week of 7/11 News Roundup

This week brought so many changes. To start, last weekend Southern Sudan declared its independence followed by being admitted into the UN as the 193rd member this week. The world along with the UN supports the new member state as the nation’s flag waves outside the UN Headquarters in NYC.  Along with excitement for the potential of […]

Two Sides To Invest

Check out our newest blog post for our Get Educated, One Topic At A Time blog series! Learn about Foreign Direct Investment and its effects on Latin America and its economy. Don’t forget to check out the first two posts of this series as well, “Creating A Road To Democracy” and “A Historical Moment For […]

From Peace-Building to Nation-Building: Southern Sudan

Today, July 9th, is a day of celebration and promise as Southern Sudan declares its independence and becomes a nation with the guidance of the UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and UN organizations, including the United Nations Mission in Sudan. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNinFWXAM1E&feature=player_embedded] The UN’s Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon looks at Southern Sudan’s newfound independence as the start of […]

From Reports to Tweets: Week of 7/4 News Roundup

The week started off with one of our national holidays, as we celebrated our Independence on July 4th. This holiday is both filled with a lot of history and celebrated each year with fireworks and events throughout the country. As we reflected on our 225 years of independence, we also look towards the pending and/or […]