Event Details

UNAGB’s annual UN Day Luncheon gathers leaders from the business, policy, and academic communities in the Greater Boston area for an engaging dialogue on world affairs and an opportunity to network with other globally conscious individuals and organizations.

UNAGB is thrilled to welcome our keynote speaker Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, the new Permanent Representative of the UK to the UN.

Matthew Rycroft became the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations in April 2015.

Ambassador Rycroft joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1989, and since then has served in Geneva and at the NATO desk in London, Paris, and Washington. He was a member of the delegation to the Dayton peace talks in Bosnia and was British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Attendees of the UN Day Luncheon represent individuals and companies who are actively engaged in global affairs, as well as who have a commitment to global education in the Boston community and a desire to foster dialogue among a diverse set of companies, peoples and nations.

Funds raised from ticket sales and sponsorships at the UN Day Luncheon directly support UNAGB’s community events and classroom-based Model UN academic program, which serve more than 5,000 participants annually in greater Boston.