Why Model UN Really Rocks!! Part 2

Last Friday marked the completion of our second session Model United Nations (MUN) Summer Institute, with another outstanding group of students learning debate skills, improving their confidence, exploring human rights and analyzing international policies. Click here for more information about our MUN Summer Institute. Last week, we summarized the experience of the MUN Summer Institute in our “Why the Model UN Rocks!! Part 1” post. This week, we’d like to explore the diversity of our participants, and how it created an stimulating simulation, and illuminating experience for the delegates.

Our MUN Summer Institute invites students grade 8 through 12 to join us in a week of debating and public speaking. This gives us a range of participants from ages 13 to 17. These students came to us from over 25 different schools in the area. Some students came with friends or siblings, and some came without knowing anyone, some even came from another country — but by the end of the week, everyone had made a camp-full of new friends. Some had absolutely no background in MUN , while some had previously joined us in this program last year, or participated in other similar programs. Each participant had a different level of prior experience with MUN, which created a unique environment, where students were able to learn from each other as much as from us.

The diversity of our participants provided us with a really exceptional week of debate in our simulations. Students different backgrounds allowed them to formulate unique arguments, and helped them think outside of the box. The program allows students a choice in who they will be working with for the majority of the week, friendships form quickly on the first day, and groups form with different levels of experience, different ages, and most importantly different ideas. This year’s Model UN Simulation posed the question, “Is the use of drones a human rights violation?”, to participants. The students were assigned to represent different countries around the world, and had to defend and explain their country’s view on this topic to their other delegates.

The diversity in groups allowed each participant to learn something from the others, whether it was about drones, human rights, or parliamentary procedure, each participant had a strength and knowledge to share with others. Even students with seemingly little experience helped other more seasoned delegates think creatively, by asking questions, and providing new insight. Some of our favorite arguments this week were the creative ones that really stood out, and could only come from a group of diverse students.

This weeks top quotes are: “Dandelions are like flowers for lazy people…..” “Soccer represents something close to a mans heart, his courage and manliness….” “Putin has a bumper sticker that says “I don’t brake for Ukrainians”

The United Nations is a diverse organization, and our MUN program allows students from varying backgrounds to come together and learn from each other in a setting similar to the real thing!

Stay tuned, we still have one week of Summer Institute to go – the premier of our crisis-based Advanced Institute! And check out our Facebook Page for more photos from both weeks