Middle School Students Tackle North Korean Aggression Head On!

Two dozen middle school students from the Greater Boston area meet at MCLE in the Disarmament and International Security Committee to debate the international security threat posed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Representing countries from across the globe (including DPR Korea), the students discussed the human rights violations and nuclear proliferation currently occurring in North Korea. The representative from North Korea denied that any human rights abuses have happened and attempted to justify North Korea’s nuclear proliferation by citing the growing threat fromĀ  the Republic of Korea and their allies, the United States of America. But, his words fell on deaf ears, and the rest of the committee continued to negotiate to find a solution to North Korean aggression.

By the end of the debate, two distinct proposals were on the floor for a vote. The proposal sponsored by the Russian Federation, Cambodia, the United States of America, and Belgium called for the North Korea government to close down all of their prison camps by 2015, and if they failed to do so, all international aid would be cut. And, although many countries were uneasy about cutting all aid to North Korea, the proposal passed. The second proposal , sponsored by the People’s Republic of China, Pakistan, and Israel, suggested to depose Kim Jong-Il, and hold free and fair elections in North Korea. The delegates of India and Italy were appalled by the idea of the United Nations sanctioning the disposal of an international leader, and the rest of the committee agreed. The proposal did not pass. The students from the British School of Boston, Josiah Quincy Upper School, Macall Middle School, and the Martin Luther King Jr., School all sought to and succeeded in quelling the growing threat of North Korea aggression, at least for the time being.