Eliza Kimball

Eliza Kimball joined the United Nations in 1976 and served with the Office for Science and Technology, UNHCR (Geneva), the Department for Technical Cooperation for Development, and the Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council. In 1989-90, she was the Deputy Director of the Regional Office for Windhoek in UNTAG in Namibia.  

In 1991, she joined the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), where for the next 20 years she was the desk officer for the peace operations in Cyprus (UNFICYP), Cambodia (UNTAC), Jammu and Kashmir (UNMOGIP) Iraq/Kuwait (UNIKOM), Tajikistan (UNMOT), Western Sahara (MINURSO), Iraq (UNAMI) and Nepal (UNMIN).  From 1993-June 2001 she was also the DPKO Focal Point for Women and Gender Mainstreaming.  In March 2008, she was designated Integrated Operational Team (IOT) Leader for the Middle East and Western Sahara and in July 2008 she was appointed IOT Leader for Asia. 

In 2009, she was appointed Director of Political and Civil Affairs in the UN Operation in Chad and the Central African Republic (MINURCAT), her last assignment before reaching the mandatory UN retirement age.  Since retirement in 2011, she has been an independent international affairs consultant, teaching a seminar on the UN and Peacekeeping at Clark University, writing a report for UN Women on the status of women at the UN, and undertaking assignments as a trainer on the UN and peacekeeping for NGOs in Sweden and Spain.  She has also undertaken two 10-week assignments for a contractor for the State Department in Tanzania and Togo, training peacekeepers who were then deployed to Darfur and Mali.

Originally from Boston, Ms. Kimball holds a B.A. from Smith College and an M.A. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from the Elliot School of Public and International Affairs at George Washington University.  While most of her career was spent at UN Headquarters in NY, she has travelled extensively in Europe, visited 16 African countries and lived for a year or more in Chad, Namibia, and Switzerland.

In addition, both her parents, Chase Kimball and Mary Lee Evans Kimball, were presidents of UNAGB and the United Nations Council of the South Shore.  She is also the proud mother of two married sons and grandmother of three grandsons.