Ken Sallale

Ken is an alumnus of Tufts University (computer science) and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (Science and Technology Studies & Public Policy). He is a successful entrepreneur and business owner in the technology sector. 

 Ken has worked on key technology that brought advancements in the understanding of the human genome, devised search engines that learned user proclivities, leveraged behavioral science and engineering psychology to better harmonize humans and technology, and adapted low-cost technology to advance basic health care in underserved African communities. He helped forge an international Unix standard over three decades ago that today still profoundly benefits global commerce. He was an early pioneer, advocate and creator of open-source software, a movement that started in the late 1990s and one that yields astonishing innovation through global collaboration.  

Ken is very in tune with International affairs and public policy. He produced a film that influenced a new international treaty prohibiting the use, transfer, and stockpiling of cluster bombs.